Phantastischer Flug von Klaus Ohlmann

Am 07. Mai 2017 hat sich Klaus Ohlmann mit einer Stemme S10 von Serres aus auf den Weg nach Italien gemacht. Die Streckenwahl ist unglaublich und faszinierend. Er flog über Korsika und Sardinien nach Sizilien und von dort zur Stiefelspitze des italienischen Festlands.

Im Rahmen des Mountain Wave Projects hat er diese Wellenlage erkundigt. Ganz ohne Motorhilfe ging es nicht, aber allein der Segelfluganteil an dieser Strecke ist beeindruckend. Er selbst beschreibt im OLC den Flug in englisch:

On research of new routes with Mountain-Wave-Project e.V. It was not the best day, but very good to collect new knowledge and to try, how it works as well with authorities. The guy in Olbia didn't want glider in his airspace, but I admit, I could work better, in order to convince him.Roma Information was much cooler and allowed me to behave as a glider. They proposed me to go direct from the middle of Sardinia to Palermo. It would have been better to follow my idea to surf until Cagliari and to cross to Sicilia from there. NO wave from Palermo to Aetna, but there as expected was wave with huge turbulence. The calabrian mountaines delivered excellent wave. Very interesting day. Thanks for all the French and Italian Controllers.
And a special thank to the amazing qualities of the Stemme, the best existing Explorer glider.


Quelle: Online Contest

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